When can I expect to receive arrival instructions?

Arrival instructions are automated to be sent to the email address on file the morning of your arrival. This email includes the property address, gate code, door code, Wi-Fi password, area information, and check-out instructions.


What times are check-in and check-out? Are early arrivals and/or late departures permitted?

Check-in is at 4:00pm on the day of your arrival, and check-out is at 10:00am on the day of your departure. Please note that times are Central. If you would like to check in earlier or check out later, please reach out to us at vacations@retreattn.com at least 24 hours before your stay, and we will do our best to accommodate you. The administrative fee for an early check-in and a late check-out is $25 + tax each.


What items are provided? What items are recommended for guests to bring?

Every property is stocked with an initial supply of paper towels, travel-sized dish detergent, conditioning shampoo, body wash, and bar soap for handwashing, toilet paper, laundry detergent pods, dryer sheets, and trash bags. Unfortunately, our team is not on property like a 24-hour hotel staff, and we are unable to provide additional amenities. If you suspect that your stay will require a larger quantity of any of the above, we recommend visiting one of our local Dollar Generals in either Monteagle or Tracy City.

Bed linens, quilts, pillows, bath towels, washcloths, hand towels, a bathmat, and kitchen cloths are all provided.

The kitchens in our tiny homes are fully stocked and contain full-sized appliances.

Propane is provided for gas grills. You are more than welcome to use any charcoal left behind by previous guests, but it is not regularly furnished. This also applies to coffee supplies, seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic, etc.), cooking spray, etc. Food items are not guaranteed, but please feel free to use any that are present in the home. Be sure to check out the amenities section of each listing for information on what kind of grill (if applicable) and coffee maker is provided prior to purchasing supplies.

Other items we recommend bringing along with you include bug spray, sunscreen, especially if you plan to be on the lake, a hair dryer if one is not listed on the amenities for the property booked, a battery-operated light if stormy weather is in the forecast, chargers for laptops and phones, and extra blankets if desired. You are always welcome to strip quilts from additional beds in the home that are not in use for added warmth.


What amenities are in the kitchen?

The kitchens in our tiny homes are fully stocked and contain full-sized appliances. You do not need to bring plates, utensils, glasses, pots, pans, coffee pots, toasters, etc., as these amenities are furnished.


Is firewood provided?

Be sure to check out the amenities section of each listing. If "firewood provided" is not specifically listed, this means that firewood is not offered at that property. In this case, you are more than welcome to bring your own firewood (no restrictions), or you can purchase a bundle from Retreat Vacations for $20 + tax. You must reach out at least 24 hours before your stay to ensure delivery. The bundle includes enough wood for one fire, a fire starter, and a lighter, all delivered to your door prior to arrival.


What is the pet policy?

There are currently eleven homes that make pet exceptions upon request. These include Summit & Shore HouseOn the Edge, The Little Lodge, and Muse at Monteagle at Deer Lick Falls, Hillside Haven, Pushin' Time HideawayWildwood Den, Shady Pines, S'mores & More, and Nona's Sunshine at Water’s Edge, and The Great Escape at Sunset Bluff. Note any specific restrictions at each property by checking out the listing. Please let us know in advance if you plan to bring your pet along to any of these locations. A fee of $100 + tax will be applied to your reservation. Unauthorized pets are subject to evacuation without a refund.


What is the cancellation policy?

A full refund will be given if the cancellation is made more than 30 days prior to the reservation's arrival date. Cancellations made within 30 days of the arrival date are no longer eligible for a refund, but you will be allowed to select new dates. The amount paid on the previous reservation will be credited toward the new one. You will be responsible for any increased rates due to holidays, seasonal changes, etc. but will be refunded the overpaid amount if rates decrease. A 48-hour notice is required to reschedule so that our calendar is open for other guests to have the opportunity to book.


What if I leave an item behind?

Any items returned to the office by housekeeping will be mailed upon request for a fee of $25 plus the shipping costs. Items are not guaranteed to be found, and Retreat Vacations assumes no responsibility for damages prior to or during the shipping process. Requests to have any items returned must be made within 5 business days of your stay. After that period, Items will be properly disposed of.


Is cable provided?

The only property that currently offers cable is Jenny’s Retreat. Almost all others feature at least one or multiple smart TVs so that you can log into your personal accounts (Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, etc.). Be sure to check out the amenities section of each listing for information on whether a TV is provided.


Is swimming in the lake permitted at The Retreat at Water’s Edge?

Unfortunately, swimming is not permitted according to Tracy City’s standards. When the water department raised the level of the lake, many trees were dropped in the bottom and now pose a dangerous threat if someone were to get caught underwater. Swimmers would also run the risk of becoming entangled in disposed fishing line. Our team does not regularly monitor swimming in the lake; however, please understand that you are subject to safety hazards and fines imposed by local game wardens that Retreat Vacations is not liable for should you choose to swim in violation of this rule.


If I’m staying in a Retreat community, am I permitted to visit the other locations?

Yes! For example, if you are staying in The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls and would like to visit the lake at The Retreat at Water’s Edge or The Retreat at Sunset Bluff, you will be able to use the same gate code to access all three locations.


Are common areas public?

Absolutely! We encourage our guests to take advantage of the pavilions, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, playgrounds, and trails that are available in every Retreat community.

Each community also has a unique nature attraction relative to the name of that community. Hike to our onsite waterfall (one of the tallest in Tennessee!) at The Retreat at Deer Lick Falls, or hit the 75-acre lake at The Retreat at Water’s Edge for a day of fishing, kayaking, and more!

The only exceptions include a few private docks scattered throughout The Retreat at Water’s Edge. Public docks can be located on the community map, located at the following:

Next to {Re}treat Yourself, Lot 45
Next to Sticks N Stones, Lot 107
Next to Lillypad Escape, Lot 131
The floating pavilion, between Edgewater, Lot 55, and the playground


How do I contact Retreat Vacations?

Give us a shout at vacations@retreattn.com or (615) 465-8255!


I'm interested in information about buying a tiny home of my own!

Great to hear! You can find more information about purchasing at RetreatTN.com or by sending an email to info@oakstoneland.com for more details.